Through our direct contact with the body of Christ over a period of more than two decades now, we have discovered that a significant number of young Christians no longer attend Church, even the churches they grew up in. Most children leave home to college, even bible believing homes, and leave their faith behind.

Besides, according to a recent research, more than 50% of Christians drop out of church after attending regularly over a period. Among those who still attend, the study also found out that 1 in 4 attendees are stalled in their spiritual growth or dissatisfied altogether.

Most alarming is that more than 50% again of Church attendees are content with merely attending Sunday services only, without committing their lives to the Lord and with no intents whatsoever of submitting to any form of discipleship.


  • There is dearth of the basic teachings of the Christian faith, and the Gospel in particular is lacking on our pulpits today.
  • Believers are not espoused to Christ, neither are they taught the rudiments of the new life and walk with the Holy Spirit so as to fulfill the will and purpose of God in their lives.
  • The purpose of the Church is failing as the love of God in Christ is not un-veiled, resulting in the Christian experience becoming deficient in meaning and genuineness.
  • The New Covenant is not clearly understood by the Church and therefore many have not arrived at the point of taking ownership of the new relationship with God as Father.


At G.I.F.M.A INCORPORATED (Grace In Full Missionary Association), we have a heart for;

  1. Those who have wandered away from their faith.
  2. Those who have stalled in their spiritual journey.
  3. Those who have failed to find genuineness and meaning in their Christian experience.
  4. Those who have never ever heard the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In other words, we are on a faith journey, to find the souls out there, reconcile them to God through preaching and teaching, and to disciple them.



Our strategy is to inspire a return to the foundational teaching of the grace of God. The original gospel which the Lord revealed to Apostle Paul i.e Christ crucified, dead and buried, and rose from the dead on the third day.

To Paul as well as unto us, Christ is the Wisdom of God and the Power of God unto salvation. That is our belief. That is our creed.


Our mission is twofold-:


These are Churches planted by GIFMA in strategic locations around the world for the purpose of advancing its mission. The Headquarter shall be in Houston Texas USA, and branches shall include those churches not planted by GIFMA but whose ownership has been formally and legally transferred to GIFMA, and the change of name to PRESENT TRUTH ASSEMBLY duly effected on all their documents.


This is a local affiliate Church whose Board of Trustees have formally met, voted and approved to be a FULL AFFILIATE church congregation with the GIFMA.  The membership Certificate and Logo is clearly displayed on both the Sing post and Correspondences of that Church affirming that it is GIFMA compliant.

  • ‘Travel ministry’ which the main object to win souls, teach, disciple and encourage the body of Christ worldwide.
  • GIFMA “BOOT-CAMP”- Intense Full Gospel Weekend Retreat for Church leaders and members organized quarterly at Zonal or State levels.
  • GRACE MINISTER’S Conference – Organized annually with an International Ministry leader as Guest Teacher.


Board of Trustees
Chairman B.O.T./ President
Ministerial Executive Council
Country Representative
| | |
Affiliate Church Associate Minister Corporate Associate
Staffers/ Volunteers


Motto:  “Where strength begins”. 1 Cor 1:30

OBJECT: The object is to raise and equip a strong generation of New Testament Ministers to serve the Body of Christ and take the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the world; traveling as Missionaries, Preachers and Teachers and Aid workers.

The long term strategy will be to acquire landed property in a suitable location in each country where the GIFMA bible institute shall be sited.

In the interim, Bible Institute programs shall be coordinate via the GIFMA active website and the branch churches of PTA (Present Truth Assembly)

The institute shall operate as a full bible school and ministerial training/mentorship/resource academy.

Degrees and Diplomas from Reputable and internationally accredited Christian Universities and Seminaries shall be awarded upon completion and Full Graduation Events held.

The GIFMA INSTITUTE shall have an Independent Governing Council and Shareholders.


Again, the strategy is twofold.

  1. Travel Teach ministry
  2. Web Ministry.

GIFMA Travel Ministry –
The main vision here is to take the gospel to where it is needed as directed by the Holy Spirit. (Acts 16: 9-10). This includes visit to Churches to teach and strengthen the brethren as well as support the work of our affiliate and associate ministries.

Spot crusades, school/college campus meetings, Prison outreaches, etc constitute a major part of this vision.

A typical travel team shall include the Preacher/Teachers, Road Manager, Counselling/Follow-up coordinator, Music team, and Medical team where applicable.


A fully developed interactive web-site offering:

  1. Online Real Time activities
  2. Pool of Christian Teaching resources/Library
  3. Online Bible school leading to accredited Degrees/Diplomas
  4. Pod-cast.


  • WHAT WE BELIEVE: (Doctrinal Statement)

     We believe in one God(ABBA, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit), one Faith, one Body of Christ populated by the NEW MAN, and the Eternal Salvation already accomplished by the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


       *Not a Church denomination
       *Not a business entity
       *Not a racial organization
       *Not an activist group


Theme: Next Generation 2 Tim 2:2

  1. Basic worker cadre: (180 days)-
  • Assurance of salvation (Romans 8:29 – 39)- a basic overview of the salvation experience and why it is a once and for all event. Assurance in the work of Christ upon the Cross as full and final payment for sin past, present and future. Who is a Christian? Why did Jesus die and why did he choose to die on the Cross? What is sin consciousness/unbelief?
  • Covenants: An in depth study of covenants between man and God- Edenic Covenant, Law, and Grace. Comparisons.
  • Personal Communion with God

‘Quiet time’ – A practical guide on how to cultivate the habit of personal devotion and how to achieve quietness on the inside to be in tune with God. A guide into how to activate and cultivate the presence of God and the advantages.

  • Book of Acts:

Verse by verse study of the birth of the Church, God’s pattern of Church planting; the Council at Jerusalem, Peter’s exposures to the Gentiles and their inclusion in the Redemption Plan. The call of Saul of Tarsus- Damascus road Experience, Trip to Third Heaven and Commission by the Lord.

Paul’s travel Ministry and Church Planting- Act 16:1-12, 13-15.

  • Evangelism:

Basic skills in personal evangelism and Christian witnessing- Object of evangelism, how to choose targets of our Evangelism efforts, the Grace’ theme in evangelism

  • Foundational Doctrines:
  • 16 doctrinal beliefs of the Christian Faith
  • Church practices and their meanings.
  • Trinity, the Church, Holy Spirit, angel/Demons, Eternal destinations, Judgments, etc
  • Water Baptism, Holy Ghost baptism and Gifts of the Spirit
  • Prayer and Worship. Enlightening course which provides an understanding of the purpose, power, and passion of prayer under the New Covenant. Forms and kinds of Prayer. Forms and kinds of Worship.
  • Righteousness – Understanding the Christian life and the privileges. How to be firmly rooted in Righteousness. Grace and Sin. Grace and Holiness. Grace and Truth.
  • The Gospel: Simplicity of the Gospel. Frequently asked questions about the Gospel.

At the end of this basic program, a young believer could be considered to have been sufficiently exposed to the rudiments of the Faith and ready to serve as a Christian worker.


  • Rightly Dividing the Word –
  • the 3 groups to which the bible applies
  • the old covenant of Law (beginning and end)
  • the new covenant of Grace
  • Purpose of every scripture- doctrine, reproof, correction; and how it applies to the 9 epistles to the  Gentile Church, 9 epistles to the Jewish Diaspora and the 4 Pastoral epistles.
  • Blood Covenant –

Study book – Hebrews (NT)

– a study of the superiority of the New Covenant. A better priesthood, direct access to the Throne room of God, revealed love of God by the Holy Spirit e.t.c

  • The BIG STORY –

Study book – Romans (NT), references to Genesis (OT).

-“See” Jesus – the theme of all prophecy, the Bible and all of God’s redemption plan.

Powerful truths are explored including:

  • The nature of sin
  • The Law
  • The Power of Grace
  • Righteousness through Faith
  • Faith for sanctification and Living (the just shall live by faith)
  • Israel in God’s plan of redemption
  • Birth of the Church

Study book – The Epistles of Paul and the Epistles of John.

  • Who is the Church
  • God’s plan for the local church to flourish
  • Paul’s example of Church Planting.
  • Walking in the Spirit

Study book – Galatians

  • In-depth study of the meaning and importance of yielding to the Holy Spirit in our Christian walk.
  • Benefits of walking in the Spirit
  • Comparism of Fleshly walk vs Spirit walk.
  • Fruits of the Spirit

Book of study – Galatians, 1 & 2 Peter, and Philipians.

  • Love, Joy, Peace, Long Suffering (patience), Gentleness (moderation/sobriety), Goodness (virtuous, kind and sacrificial) Meekness (not timidity), Temperance (self -containment, not same as self – conceit)
  • Discipleship
  • Raising the Next Generation
  • Confidence and Happiness in the believer – Paul’s keys to happiness in Epistle to the Philipians.
  • The Gospel of our Lord

Book of Study – John (NT) References to Mathew,

Mark and Luke.

  • General overview of the Doctrine of Trinity
  • The Deity and Humanity of Christ
  • The Doctrines of Salvation and Baptisms X-rayed.
  • The 7 Kingdom Parables
  • Grace

Study book – Pauline Epistles.

  • Explore the Grace of God in Christ Jesus and the power of its revelation in the life of the believer.
  • Book Review- “CALL HIM FATHER”- by Dr Nich Mbaezue.

Note: Completion of Ministerial 1 course entitles one to an ordination, with certificate/ license.